Michael Pedicin Quintet - Everything Starts Now

by Doug Wallen, On the Record - Philadelphia Weekly Online

Rating: Solid, like the Liberty Bell.

Young hotshots probably won't take kindly to 60-year-old tenor saxophonist Michael Pedicin's cover of Joan Osborne's cheesy smash "One of Us," despite the fact that it was penned by our own Eric Bazilian. It's admittedly an odd choice, but there are much cooler passages here, including the loose voyage "L.A. to Philly," a smoldering title track, and the Afro-tinged "This Way Out." A psychologist by day, Pedicin has managed to work with Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra in his music career, which from the sound of this album—not to mention the title—is far from over. 

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