The Michael Pedicin Quartet/The Brubeck Project

… a new jazz ensemble, led by saxophonist, Michael Pedicin….. dedicated to performing the music of Dave Brubeck.

"I am thrilled that Michael Pedicin thinks so much of my music that he is committing himself to this project. As a Dave Brubeck Quartet saxophone alumnus, I know he will do my music justice." - Dave Brubeck

Brubeck ProjectOne of the primary reasons for the stature of Jazz as a profound art form is that it is a living entity, constantly evolving and thriving from the contributions of its most influential and powerful artists. One of those immortals is the amazing Dave Brubeck, who for more than half a century has brought his joyful and delightful music to enthusiastic fans all over the world. We are still quite fortunate that even at 90 years old, Mr. Brubeck continues to perform for his fans, albeit on a limited basis. But his music - like himself - is immortal, and continues to thrive and grow in the hands of those who can best perform it with the love, commitment and compassion it deserves. Michael Pedicin is one of those few artists best qualified to take on this enormous quest.

The Brubeck Project is the latest manifestation of the extraordinary musical vision of saxophonist/composer Michael Pedicin’s outstanding career.

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