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As It Should Be: ballads 2As It Should Be: ballads 2

Michael Pedicin's latest album, As It Should Be: ballads 2, will be available soon! For a sneak preview, check out his beautiful new version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" on the video page.

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3/16/22 - Jim Ridl Trio @Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn 8-9pm w/ Michael Pedicin & Dean Johnson. In person seating and live streaming.

Guest on a podcast with The Jazz Guy Bret Primack, as part of the Michael Brecker podcast. YouTube premier on 4/1/22

About Michael Pedicin

As It Should Be: Ballads 2, the 14th album of tenor and soprano saxophonist Michael Pedicin’s prolific career, is in many ways akin to his acclaimed 2011 CD, Ballads…searching for peace. Ballads showcasing the exquisitely lyrical aspects of Pedicin’s playing are again the focus, but with a difference. Other than the John Coltrane classic “Crescent” and an especially tender treatment of Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (a tune rarely performed in a jazz context), eight of the disc’s 10 songs were composed as ballads by the saxophonist’s longtime collaborator, guitarist Johnnie Valentino. Several of them, however, were treated to somewhat brighter grooves than had been originally intended after the musicians got to the recording studio, particularly “From Afar,” which was double-timed at a bossa-nova-like clip by drummer Justin Faulkner and percussionist Alex Acuña.

The themes of Ballads…searching for peace and As It Should Be both reflect Pedicin’s abiding concern with issues of peace and justice. “I’m one of those diehard Sixties kids that grew up concerned about peace and togetherness and acceptance,” he explains. “I think about that every day of my life. We’re all one. This is probably a necessary component in our world more than ever, at least more than ever in my lifetime. I believe that we’re all human beings more than anything else: race, ethnicity, nationality.”

Everyone in the current quintet, save for Peruvian-born, Los Angeles-based Acuña, has close connections to Philadelphia. Michael Pedicin was born on July 29, 1947, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and raised in nearby Ardmore. Both towns are suburbs of Philadelphia. Philly native Johnnie Valentino has lived in Southern California for many years and works as a guitarist and composer. Pianist Frank Strauss and bassist Mike Boone are both much-in-demand players on the contemporary Philadelphia jazz scene. Pedicin feels lucky to have been able to recruit longtime Branford Marsalis drummer Justin Faulkner for the session because he happened to be at home in Philadelphia for a winter break. Alex Acuña, of course, is best known in jazz circles for his three-year stint with Weather Report, although his eclectic credits also include work with Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Paul McCartney, Madonna, and the Christian jazz band Koinonia.

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3/16/22 - Jim Ridl Trio @Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn 8-9pm w/ Michael Pedicin & Dean Johnson. In person seating and live streaming.